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All staff members of the school are given their own personal email address on the school domain. The email is primarily used for internal communication between the school and Ataa company. 
The school email is also used to create an Oracle account for the staff member, wherein the staff member can check his/her employment details, salary details, create HR requests, add absence records etc.

Click here to open Oracle

If you have already received the email address and password from the school, follow the below steps to login to your account. You will be prompted to change your password on the first sign in so make sure to remember your updated password.


  1. Go to gmail from your browser /-or-/
    Open 'Mail' app from the Start in Windows>Click on Accounts>Add account>Google


  1. Open 'Gmail' app in your phone.
  2. Click on the circle at top-right (or top-left if phone language is Arabic)
  3. Click on Add another account>Google


  1. Go to Settings>Mail>Accounts>Add accounts /-or/
  2. Download and install Gmail from App store.

Make sure that the notification settings is turned on for the email to ensure that no emails are left unread.

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