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Technology has become the new language in all spheres of life and the world is witnessing a growing development and diversity of learning techniques. Thus, development in the field of education is no longer confined to the use of computers and tablets in education rather, the real evolution is the optimal use of the latest technologies. Hence, MEIS’ vision is to integrate technology in education through the use of all the latest technologies and systems in order to create an interactive and competitive culture in keeping with the spirit of the learning process.

All our students and their parent receive a Classera account when they register and are admitted in the school. The account details are sent via sms on the registered phone number of the parents. If you haven’t received the account or have any problems, please fill out the form given at the end of the page.

Below you will find the user manual for the Student and Parent account respectively. We advise you to go through the manuals thoroughly to understand how to use the Classera system and gain its advantages in the best manner. 

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Classera Application for iOS
Classera Application for Android

Student Manual
Parent Manual
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