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School Infrastructure

Middle East International School was established in 1998 by Dr. Ahmad Al Mutib to serve the educational needs of the expatriate student community of Riyadh. It was located in the center of the city, in the Sulaimania area. In January 2020, the school moved to a modern sprawling campus in Al Murooj area. 

The present new campus operates in four two-story buildings. Two for the girls and two for the boys. There are 4 huge playground areas, 6 fully equipped computer labs 3 libraries, 6 science laboratories, 3 clinics, and over 150 well-ventilated, spacious classrooms.  All classrooms are smart classes equipped with projectors and computers.


With over 150 classrooms in the school, the students have adequate space to have the best learning experience. Each classroom is equipped with a computer and a projector. Classrooms are well-lit and fully air conditioned. The heater mode can be turned on during extreme cold in the winter season. 

Every classroom has a shelf for the students to keep their bags during classes. Notice boards are present for the students where the teachers can put up educational poster, information and important notices.


The school has 2 laboratories, one each for Biology, Physics and Chemistry as well as 6 Computer labs.  All Science labs are equipped with relevant tools and equipment for practical learning of the subject. The Science labs also have fire safety measures to ensure the students well being. 

All Computer labs have modern and updated computers with fast Internet connection. The students learn relevant skills in computer during the computer class and can use it for research purpose for their projects in their free time.


The school has 3 libraries in total with over 5000 books. Students can improve their reading and vocabulary through various books including fictious and non-fictitious books. Past examinations papers are also available for the students in the library to help them prepare for their exams. 

To learn more about the school library and see a list of the books available, please click below.


Physical Education is a learning process that focuses on knowledge, attitudes and behaviors that are imperative for students to embrace a lifestyle of health and physical fitness. Keeping that in mind, the school provides spacious playgrounds for the students, including basketball and football courts. The school holds annual football and basketball tournaments during sports weeks to promote team spirit and competitiveness amongst the students. 


Students health and safety is the number one priority for any school. The school has 3 clinics for the students to help them when they are not feeling well. 

Each clinic has a qualified nurse ready to provide first aid whenever necessary. All clinics have oxygen cylinders, wheelchair, a resting/examination bed in addition to medicine cabinet for different ailments.