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Admissions are done based on the placement exam result and availability of space. A student seeking admission to class 2 through 12 should appear for a placement exam in English & Math and achieve a passing grade of 50% . The placement exam will test students in the material covered in the previous class. However for students of grade 1 and KG, the admission is based on an interview with the coordinator of the concerned section.

Click here to view the Math syllabus for the Placement test.

Parents can can secure admission for their students only after they pass the placement test/interview and on submitting a complete set of required documents.

Admission Process

Online Admission

Fill out the online placement form and submit it.


Placement Exam

The placement exam date and time will be given on the registered email at a later date.


Registration Form

Fill out the registration form provided in the email if eligible, print it out and sign it.


Secure Admission

Submit the form along with all the required documents and pay the first installment of tuition fees.


Student Registration procedure:

1. The parent is required to register their student for the placement exam by filling out the online form.
2. The parent is notified through the registered email/SMS regarding the date and timing of the placement test/interview.
3. The placement test results are given by the principal to the registration office.
4. If the student is eligible, the parents will receive an email with the registration link. On submitting the form, a pdf form will be provided on the registered email, which has to be printed out and signed by the parent/guardian. 
5. Parents can receive the transfer/acceptance letter from the school if their child is eligible, to bring (his/her) file from the previous school including all required documents.
6. Once all the required documents are ready and the registration form is printed and signed, parents/guardian have to bring it to the registration officer in school.

7. Once the file is received, documents check will be done:

  • Student’s Iqama/ID and Passport copy (Mother’s Passport copy if the student’s name is added in mother’s passport).
  • Father’s Iqama/ID and Passport copy (Mother’s Iqama copy if she is the sponsor).
  • Print out from Absher of Iqama expiry date of student.
  • Copy of Birth certificate.
  • Copy of Vaccination card.
  • Introduction letter from the father’s sponsor.
  • All the original report cards from Grade1 till the new grade (he/she) will enroll for, with the required stamps.
  • Equivalence of the last report card from Ministry of Education if coming from outside the Kingdom.
  • Attest last report card if student coming from a different curriculum in their previous school.
  • Financial clearance from the previous school if (he /she) is coming from a school in Saudi Arabia only.
  • Print-out of Noor system transfer if (he / she) studying in Saudi Arabia.
  • Ministry Approval if a student in Saudi Arabia.

8. If all these documents are available in the file, we proceed by entering all the data in the accounting system for the parent and for the student to give them numbers to be used as reference.
9. Finally, the parent should settle the first installment of Tuition fees.
10. The student will be given the Books list, uniform (shop location) – new calendar for the current academic year – a brochure which contains all the information about our school.
11. The KG students file should include:

  • Student’s Iqama and Passport.
  • Father’s Iqama and Passport.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Vaccination card.
  • Introduction letter from the father’s sponsor.

: All the original report cards specially the last one should be stamped by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Saudi Embassy if (he / she) is coming from abroad. If (he / she) is coming from Jeddah or Khobar, final report card should be stamped by the ministry of Education only.


Points to be noted:

2. Failing to complete the admission formalities within the stipulated time will lead to cancellation of admission.
3. The school management reserves the right to reject any admission without assigning any reason whatsoever.
4. All admissions are strictly subjected to the approval from the Ministry of Education.


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